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12 Questions/12 Answers with Venessa Arizaga

We want to be Venessa Arizaga. With a jet setting life between New York and Puerto Rico, a pedigreed design sensibility from Parsons, and stints at Carolina Herrera and Zac Posen, she certainly knows her stuff. Venessa creates witty mixed media pieces that make you take a second look. Her bracelets and bags are all about being playful and capture the laid back island aesthetic that she grew up with. Friendship bracelets that say "pizza party" and perfectly encapsulate late night meals with your friend? Just Yes. We recently caught up with Venessa and asked her 12 questions. Here are her answers:


1. What bracelet from your collection do you most identify with right now ?

Don't Worry Bee Happy :)

2. What inspires you?

Time at the library, searching through periodicals. During my free time, I like to research vintage clothes and references from the past hundred years.

3. Favorite place in the world?

Paradise in Puerto Rico. Who can resist the ocean, sunny days, and 80-degree weather?

4. One thing you can't live without?

A notebook - I need one at all times. I'm old school.

5. Most used phone app?

Instagram. It connects me to friends, and friends that I don't know.

6. Guilty Pleasure?

Spa Castle (look it up), Bad TV, Cooking Shows, Jeopardy

7. Style Icon?

Soul Train and Jackson 5. I love a good 70s reference.

8. Best Advice?

Always ask for advice.

9. Biggest Pet Peeve?

Rushing out the door before a task is done.

10. What phrases do you overuse?

"Write it on your notebook."

11. What is the most overrated virtue?

Good things come to those who wait, but I like to think that better things come to those who go get it.

12. What do you wish you had invented?

Eyeliner. I can't live without it.


You can shop Venessa's collection here.

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