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Makers and Shakers: Lessons Learned

We love celebrating women who do awesome things throughout our city and beyond, and this is our chance to show you some of the best and brightest. In honor of the Makers and Shakers "Women In Business" event we are co-hosting with Houston's The White Buffalo Project on Thursday June 4 at Saint Cloud, we asked some inspirational female entrepreneurs for career advice, what they've learned over the years and what motivates them. 

“Southern hospitality does exist within the Houston retail community. All the small shops support one another and help each other out. We’re all learning from one another everyday." - Trang Nguyen of Myth and Symbol, a women's lifestyle boutique in Rice Village

“GO. Start yesterday. The sacrifices are painful but the experience is worth it, even if you fail at first. You're young and have so much time for your naivete to be forgiven!” -Robin Berwick of Double Trouble Caffeine and Cocktails

“Nothing ever goes as planned. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and sure this is common knowledge and shouldn’t be surprising, but let me explain… Nothing. Ever. Goes. As. Planned. After being continually caught off-guard when problems arise, I’ve learned to go about my day as if I’m a Stark and George R. R. Martin is in control of the script.” -Anna Wilson of Manoosh, an accessories brand that partners with local artists to create wearable art

“I find that I surround myself with women that have similar qualities in that they are very focused and passionate, well rounded and down to earth. There's nothing more inspiring than knowing a successful woman who is willing to lend real advice and experience to new entrepreneurs.” -Moon of Events by Momo, a full service events and catering company

I have always been drawn to women that are mentally and emotionally strong, and to those who are mindful and understand that they can and do make an impact on the people around them. I find inspiration in their drive and passion.” -Claire of Events by Momo

“Happiness is inspiring, I am inspired by any and all women who are pursuing their true happiness…it’s harder than it sounds!” -Jessica Rodriguez of Saint Cloud, an accessories and home goods store in Houston

“Trust your gut. If something feels 'off' to you about a situation or opportunity, then it probably is. Be fearless, but listen to your inner voice because it will never steer you wrong. I think back on all the times when I pursued something even when it felt 'not quite right' vs. the times an opportunity fell perfectly into place and I am grateful that I learned early on to trust my instincts.” -Cecilia Marquez of Saint Cloud

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