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Miranda Bennett: 13 Questions/ 13 Answers

A quick conversation with Miranda Bennett of the Austin-based brand, Miranda Bennett Studio.
1. Why did you decide to create your own line?
I don't know that it was a decision so much as an imperative. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I had to make it.
2. What is your favorite material to use?
Silk charmeuse takes natural dyes so beautifully, and drapes in this insanely fluid, almost liquid, way. 
3. Your guilty pleasure?
Do I have to pick just one? A beautiful glass if wine during a weekday lunch, a binge on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/HBO Go, rewatching anything with Julia Roberts or Winona Ryder from the 90's (for the 90th time), an unseemly quantity of Korean sheet masks on deck, buying a super pricey assortment of cheeses, or a fancy meal or a beautiful dress when I'm feeling broke. The list goes on, my friend. Self care indulgence is no joke in my world.
4. The best career advice you’ve received?
Start where you are. 
5. Your favorite thing to eat in Austin?
A garden patch salad with cashew tamari dressing and a bueno burger with cheese and avocado from Mother's.
6. Cats or dogs?
Dogs! I was raised a cat person, but converted :-) 
7. Your cocktail or coffee drink of choice?
A Hendricks martini with olives - I don't drink coffee anymore except for the occasional shot of espresso, too much anxiety!
8. What is your biggest inspiration?
Color, color, color. 
9. What’s your favorite season?
10. Your favorite piece to wear? 
The Everyday Dress is still number one in my closet, but if I'm packing for a trip, our Wrap Top and Palazzo Pant in matching fabrics.
11. What has been the biggest challenge in owning and designing your own line? 
Sometimes you just want a break, from seeing the clothes, from planning, from worry, but your brand is a living, breathing thing, and though you can take mental pauses from time to time, it inhabits you and you it. So your mind, your concept of self, has to grow and stretch and respond. You also find incredible people who will offer to care and love and nurture the brand alongside you. That truly makes all of the difference in the world. 
12. What is your favorite vacation destination? 
I honestly don't go on full blown vacation all that much, when I imagine one though, I see a beach, or a bike ride through golden light with freshly baked and buttered bread (or pasta!) on the other side.  
13. Your favorite book? 
Recently the series by Guillaume Wolf - You are a Circle, You are Message, and You are a Dream.
Follow Miranda and her brand on Instagram @mirandabennettstudio.
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