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Things of Note: Miranda Bennett Studio Wrap Top

Fall is approaching, but the summer heat won't let up just yet. Naturally, we're spending a couple more weeks experimenting with transitional summer-to-fall pieces. They're not only what we love, but also what we need right now - a seasonal intercession by our closets on our behalf.  

The easy, natural-dyed designs from Miranda Bennett Studio, like the Wrap Top, are the perfect way to keep the summer going. This bestseller can be worn in multiple ways and we've tried out a few for you. 

The Tropics: Our undergarment of choice for this look is a bikini. This style requires only a quick wrap job and looks amazing with your sarong or skirt of choice. 

The Concealed Tropics: Otherwise known as The Tropics 2.0. A quick tie of the ends as seen in The Tropics, but in the back, makes this look a multi-occasion winner.

Boss Lady: "Office Appropriate" is your middle name. High neck in the front and a mild V in the back, you’re not sacrificing style for stiff dress codes.

Girls' Night Out or Date Night: An easy v-neck with a wrap bottom, this is a classic if there ever was one. 

The Wrap Top is the friend who you know you can take anywhere, be it to your favorite vacation spot or to a dinner with your C.E.O. Between the styles above and your own creativity, no doubt you can make this one your own. 

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Things of Note: Vico Tadeo

We sat down with Vico Tadeo, of Tomo Mags fame, and discussed basically everything that he’s into right now. Once you start talking to Vico you realize the breadth of his knowledge and you end up going down a rabbit hole of inspiration that makes you want to just google everything. And paint your whole house blue. Everything Vico likes is so well thought out that we wanted to get some insight on what’s making him tick lately. See below.


Etudes Studio

I found Etudes Studio through my fascination with Bromance Records. Louis Brodinski, who founded Bromance Records, is a techno dj who mixes rap and one of his mixes had Bun B in it. Of course, I just thought that was awesome because of the Houston connection with Bun B. At the time, visually all Brodinski’s branding was done by Etudes and I started paying attention to them. Personally, they spoke to me because of their color palette - blue/white/black. Then the next thing I discovered was that they launched a couple of photobooks that we started selling at Tomomags and they also started to get into fashion. I’m fascinated by how multidisciplinary they have become and how creative they are.


Musically, I also started getting into this Japanese rapper Kohh. At a London fashion week show they used his record and it was by Bromance records.  He’s super talented, visually he has blue hair, which of course I love. What I find fascinating is how interconnected he is to everything I am interested in. It feels like we all start liking things on a global scale and you find out how they are all actually related to one another.  


Joan Miro

Lately, I’ve really been into him. I even got two tattoos based on his art work. Going back to Kohh, he once rapped about Miro and kept on repeating his name over and over, so there's that connection. Considering the amount of art work that you come across, it speaks to me that Miro has been around for such a long time and I almost feel like he’s having a rebirth. There’s a mural exhibition of his in Korea right now at the Sejong Cultural Center and I’ve been seeing his artwork pop up in various places.


Fredericks and Mae Tassel

The color obviously. Anything I am fascinated by right now is that color. There are all these layers on how everything I’m into is connected to it.

Assassin Tattoo

Once you start getting tattoos you can't stop. At Assassin Tatto, you partake in a tea ceremony before getting inked as a sort of initiation and it calms you down. The whole process just makes it an amazing experience. 


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Things Of Note: Matt Johns

 Matt Johns is what we refer to as a 'man about town'. Founder of Matter Creative, a creative studio specializing in experiential design and image management, Matt is an arbiter of all things cool. Formerly the director of external relations at the Blaffer Museum, Matt knows his way around the art and cultural landscape of Houston. If Matt likes something, we like something, so we sat down with him to ask him about all the things he is loving lately. 

Spin class with Michael and Kim at Revolution

If I'm not at home or in the studio you can probably find me in either Michael or Kim's class at Revolution. The 45 minutes of fast and furious cycling with two people who might want to consider DJing on the side makes me better at life for our clients at M A T T E R, my friends, and me.


The Blake Wright

Beyond being obsessed with the collaboration we orchestrated with Blake's exclusive line of patches for Saint Cloud; I'm constantly impressed with this guy. He's incredibly talented and has accomplished major things and is possibly the easiest person I have ever worked with. He just gets it. Basically everyone in my life is getting patches here and there as gifts forever.

 Tatine Fig Candle

I love playing with scent in a space and it is one of the 5 human senses that is often forgotten when people in our industry are considering spaces either for events or retail. At home I change up my scents frequently by season or mood but Tatine's Black Mission Fig always stays in the mix [available in-store at Saint Cloud].

Yerba Mate

I'm an addict. My fridge might be completely empty but there is always some kind of Yerba Mate in there.


The Menil Collection

There really is nothing like the Menil and we are extremely lucky to have a place that is so internationally loved here in Houston. The space is beautiful regardless of the exhibition and it is one of my favorites places to just be. No phones or distractions--just a moment to be present and with the art.


The M A T T E R studio

I find myself compelled to make things often and though our studio is small it's the perfect size and space to just create and experiment with concepts for our projects. Sometimes I'm figuring out how to make a cloud and other days shooting product samples for clients. It's always different which is what keeps me inspired.



From custom wrapping paper and invitations to magazines and books--I love being able to hold paper goods in my hands. I do so much on my iPhone now that holding a magazine feels luxurious and essential, as digital images and such feel so ephemeral and get lost so quickly.



I think it was Tom Ford or someone else who doesn't ever really have to consider the word budget that said time is the greatest luxury. Though our perspectives on many things might be different we can agree on that--I have started dedicating time to not working in order to really indulge in whatever I feel like. It makes me a better person and I find it more difficult to schedule free time and time-off than anything else. We could literally work all of the time around here but it honestly wouldn't benefit anyone. 

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Things of Note: Saint Cloud Staff

Things we are reading, watching, doing and then sharing with each other. We wanted to share with you as well. 

James Turrell "Twilight Epiphany" Skyspace

Now that the long humid days of summer are almost over, we found ourselves walking over to the James Turrell skyspace to revisit the light sequence and stare into the abyss.  For lack of a better word, the experience was "magical" and over far too fast.

Hugs and Donuts

Donuts that taste like hugs. Plus, there's one called "The Homer". Enough said.



Finally got around to using this app after reading about it everywhere. A guided meditation that is user friendly and easy on the eyes. It may just be a placebo affect, but we feel like we are well on our to way to being actualized human beings. 

Sydney Hale Co. "Tobacco + Sandalwood"

We light a different candle everyday of the week and this one always gets rave reviews from our customers. We're not sure if it's because of the woodsy cozy scent or the double wick action - but something's right. 

Wolf Hall Trilogy by Hilary Mantel

Historical fiction detailing the rise of Thomas Cromwell. The heart of the series deals with social mobility at a time when such a thing was impossible. Sped through the first two in the trilogy and can't wait for the third. 

The Wolfpack Documentary

The story of six brothers who grow up isolated in a Manhattan apartment and are only allowed to leave once a year. Their only solace is watching movies and recreating them in makeshift costumes. We watched transfixed as they come of age and understand the complexities of the outside world.


Pulpoetry by Barbara Hill

Beautiful, steamy and hilarious, lean back against these poetic pillows before going to bed. Also, they make excellent conversation pieces. 

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