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Things Of Note: Matt Johns

 Matt Johns is what we refer to as a 'man about town'. Founder of Matter Creative, a creative studio specializing in experiential design and image management, Matt is an arbiter of all things cool. Formerly the director of external relations at the Blaffer Museum, Matt knows his way around the art and cultural landscape of Houston. If Matt likes something, we like something, so we sat down with him to ask him about all the things he is loving lately. 

Spin class with Michael and Kim at Revolution

If I'm not at home or in the studio you can probably find me in either Michael or Kim's class at Revolution. The 45 minutes of fast and furious cycling with two people who might want to consider DJing on the side makes me better at life for our clients at M A T T E R, my friends, and me.


The Blake Wright

Beyond being obsessed with the collaboration we orchestrated with Blake's exclusive line of patches for Saint Cloud; I'm constantly impressed with this guy. He's incredibly talented and has accomplished major things and is possibly the easiest person I have ever worked with. He just gets it. Basically everyone in my life is getting patches here and there as gifts forever.

 Tatine Fig Candle

I love playing with scent in a space and it is one of the 5 human senses that is often forgotten when people in our industry are considering spaces either for events or retail. At home I change up my scents frequently by season or mood but Tatine's Black Mission Fig always stays in the mix [available in-store at Saint Cloud].

Yerba Mate

I'm an addict. My fridge might be completely empty but there is always some kind of Yerba Mate in there.


The Menil Collection

There really is nothing like the Menil and we are extremely lucky to have a place that is so internationally loved here in Houston. The space is beautiful regardless of the exhibition and it is one of my favorites places to just be. No phones or distractions--just a moment to be present and with the art.


The M A T T E R studio

I find myself compelled to make things often and though our studio is small it's the perfect size and space to just create and experiment with concepts for our projects. Sometimes I'm figuring out how to make a cloud and other days shooting product samples for clients. It's always different which is what keeps me inspired.



From custom wrapping paper and invitations to magazines and books--I love being able to hold paper goods in my hands. I do so much on my iPhone now that holding a magazine feels luxurious and essential, as digital images and such feel so ephemeral and get lost so quickly.



I think it was Tom Ford or someone else who doesn't ever really have to consider the word budget that said time is the greatest luxury. Though our perspectives on many things might be different we can agree on that--I have started dedicating time to not working in order to really indulge in whatever I feel like. It makes me a better person and I find it more difficult to schedule free time and time-off than anything else. We could literally work all of the time around here but it honestly wouldn't benefit anyone. 

Things Of Note

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