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Things of Note: Saint Cloud Staff

Things we are reading, watching, doing and then sharing with each other. We wanted to share with you as well. 

James Turrell "Twilight Epiphany" Skyspace

Now that the long humid days of summer are almost over, we found ourselves walking over to the James Turrell skyspace to revisit the light sequence and stare into the abyss.  For lack of a better word, the experience was "magical" and over far too fast.

Hugs and Donuts

Donuts that taste like hugs. Plus, there's one called "The Homer". Enough said.



Finally got around to using this app after reading about it everywhere. A guided meditation that is user friendly and easy on the eyes. It may just be a placebo affect, but we feel like we are well on our to way to being actualized human beings. 

Sydney Hale Co. "Tobacco + Sandalwood"

We light a different candle everyday of the week and this one always gets rave reviews from our customers. We're not sure if it's because of the woodsy cozy scent or the double wick action - but something's right. 

Wolf Hall Trilogy by Hilary Mantel

Historical fiction detailing the rise of Thomas Cromwell. The heart of the series deals with social mobility at a time when such a thing was impossible. Sped through the first two in the trilogy and can't wait for the third. 

The Wolfpack Documentary

The story of six brothers who grow up isolated in a Manhattan apartment and are only allowed to leave once a year. Their only solace is watching movies and recreating them in makeshift costumes. We watched transfixed as they come of age and understand the complexities of the outside world.


Pulpoetry by Barbara Hill

Beautiful, steamy and hilarious, lean back against these poetic pillows before going to bed. Also, they make excellent conversation pieces. 

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