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Things of Note: Vico Tadeo

We sat down with Vico Tadeo, of Tomo Mags fame, and discussed basically everything that he’s into right now. Once you start talking to Vico you realize the breadth of his knowledge and you end up going down a rabbit hole of inspiration that makes you want to just google everything. And paint your whole house blue. Everything Vico likes is so well thought out that we wanted to get some insight on what’s making him tick lately. See below.


Etudes Studio

I found Etudes Studio through my fascination with Bromance Records. Louis Brodinski, who founded Bromance Records, is a techno dj who mixes rap and one of his mixes had Bun B in it. Of course, I just thought that was awesome because of the Houston connection with Bun B. At the time, visually all Brodinski’s branding was done by Etudes and I started paying attention to them. Personally, they spoke to me because of their color palette - blue/white/black. Then the next thing I discovered was that they launched a couple of photobooks that we started selling at Tomomags and they also started to get into fashion. I’m fascinated by how multidisciplinary they have become and how creative they are.


Musically, I also started getting into this Japanese rapper Kohh. At a London fashion week show they used his record and it was by Bromance records.  He’s super talented, visually he has blue hair, which of course I love. What I find fascinating is how interconnected he is to everything I am interested in. It feels like we all start liking things on a global scale and you find out how they are all actually related to one another.  


Joan Miro

Lately, I’ve really been into him. I even got two tattoos based on his art work. Going back to Kohh, he once rapped about Miro and kept on repeating his name over and over, so there's that connection. Considering the amount of art work that you come across, it speaks to me that Miro has been around for such a long time and I almost feel like he’s having a rebirth. There’s a mural exhibition of his in Korea right now at the Sejong Cultural Center and I’ve been seeing his artwork pop up in various places.


Fredericks and Mae Tassel

The color obviously. Anything I am fascinated by right now is that color. There are all these layers on how everything I’m into is connected to it.

Assassin Tattoo

Once you start getting tattoos you can't stop. At Assassin Tatto, you partake in a tea ceremony before getting inked as a sort of initiation and it calms you down. The whole process just makes it an amazing experience. 


Things of Note

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